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 Biophysical, Ecological and Social Sciences
Scientifically-collected data from the biological, chemical, earth, and social sciences provide the information base on which decision-making for appropriate environmental management depends. IRIS’ professional scientists have extensive experience in study design, data collection methods, analytical techniques, and experience in interpreting information for application to project environmental management.

IRIS provides scientific expertise for geology; geomorphology; soils; vegetation; surface and groundwater hydrology; chemistry of water, soil and air; limnology; fisheries; wildlife; climatology and atmosphere.

IRIS applies social science and community analysis skills, including population studies and demographics, attitude surveys and related tools, to projects ranging from resource management to municipal planning and development.

IRIS uses these skills either to provide new baseline information, or to interpret existing information. We have applied them to a wide variety of environmental management issues.

Some of our clients…

In Canada:

Mobil Oil
Parks Canada
Skiing Louise
Ski Marmot Basin


Canadian International Development Agency
Government of Honduras
Esso Malaysia
Le Groupe Minier Sidam
Yacimientos Petrolíferos Fiscales Bolivianos

Related Services:

Baseline Studies & Inventories

Whether in a marine, freshwater or terrestrial system, baseline studies are essential for resource management, impact assessment, monitoring and reclamation. IRIS provides study managers and designers, each with the requisite skills and experience. For impact assessment, such experience is critical for the study scoping and public consultation stages, when the key issues, limits to study, and relevance of data to objectives are established. IRIS personnel are leaders in these endeavours.                

Geographical Information Systems

Social and ecological data can create large information bases, and can be expensive to collect. Without the ability to classify, store, retrieve and apply the information to problem-solving, the information may not be useful. GIS provides a means to manage, continually use and upgrade information. IRIS uses GIS for natural resource inventory, impact assessment, and modelling.

Ecological & Social Risk Assessment

In order to plan appropriate responses in the event of an emergency, project proponents and operators must know and understand what is potentially at risk. IRIS evaluates these risks and proposes suitable responses to its clients.

Other Related Services Include:

  • Environmental Indicators Development
  • State of the Environment Reporting
  • Management Information Systems Design
  • Park & Protected Area Management
  • Biodiversity Inventory & Evaluation
  • Watershed Management
  IRIS' Alberta-based First Nations projects can be conducted through our Joint Venture aboriginal business, Harmony Walkers Inc.
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