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 Geomatics - GIS

Geographic Information Systems (GIS) are a computer technology for managing, manipulating and analyzing geographic spatial data. GIS is much more advanced than computer-aided design (CAD) or any other spatial data system. Potential applications exist wherever spatially distributed information is used in business and government. IRIS offers a comprehensive consulting and contracting service to clients who wish to apply this powerful technology to provide solutions to real-world problems.

IRIS is not a vendor of software or hardware, but is a "user" and as such, consults and contracts on the application of the technology to the needs of the client. IRIS can fulfill many different roles in the implementation of GIS technology, from assisting the public and private sector to set up and utilize their own systems, to the design and execution of digital mapping projects at any scale. IRIS can audit the client's resources and identify the needs for data, the quality of existing data, identify gaps in the data and human resources, and recommend solutions. IRIS ensures that the client can access and use the data as quickly as possible in concert with trained personnel, and will follow client progress through successive steps in development and use of the technology.
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IRIS' Alberta-based First Nations projects can be conducted through our Joint Venture aboriginal business, Harmony Walkers Inc.
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