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 Sustainable Natural Resource Use
The integrity of our environment depends upon conservation, protection and wise use of natural resources such as water, forests, wildlife, fisheries, soils and atmosphere, all with the aim of enabling development that is sustainable. Owing to the interplay of many economic, societal and environmental factors in planning for sustainable use, IRIS’ clients are frequently confronted with the need to initiate management programs that integrate consideration of these factors as well as the concerns of a wide variety of stakeholders and interest groups. Issues such as climate change and watershed management are addressed in ways that cut across conventional sectoral thinking, and require interdisciplinary service capability. IRIS has made this a mainstay of its portfolio of services.
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IRIS' Alberta-based First Nations projects can be conducted through our Joint Venture aboriginal business, Harmony Walkers Inc.

If you require more information or have any questions regarding your sustainable natural resource project please do not hesitate to contact: rob_lothian@irisenvironmental.ca

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